Small Business Digital Adaptation Program

Small Businesses Must Add Essential Digital Marketing and Sales Capabilities to Mitigate Impacts of COVID-19.
We will helping your business by our service

Digital Adaptation Program


With the crowd disappearing on the street, it's time to use digital marketing tools to help expose your service! Discover your business in seconds, without high marketing costs

Online Order

You don’t need to be exploited by the delivery service providers of your operating profits, as long as you know that there are better tools that can help you deliver and receive orders


The value of the product is the core of sales. You just only need to focus on the core work. Let us handle other tedious tasks of e-commerce for you. Also, we do not share-profits from you.


Don't be scared to use it. You do not need to learn how to create all the things about the tools on the internet, just follow the steps that we well-designed interface to finish all.


Focus on your business! You just need to enter all the information about your business, brand story, service, coupon, promotion, and products. And we will help you to finish all the job about marketing.


We know that starting a business is very difficult, so our solution will help you pay without any worries. The 30-day trial, Monthly payment without signing a contract, and Terminate the payment at any time.


We design a gamified reward system to attract consumers to actively interact with, share and recommend your business information without you having to pay extra.